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2011 Dresse and Maere Tennis Cup v Turecku

Dresse and Maere - Tennis Cup
The Dresse and Maere Tennis Cup is a fantastic event for the deaf community to come together, compete and meet and it would be both a great honour and a pleasure for our country to host the event.
Our considerable experience in organising major international sports events, our traditional hospitality and the prevailing sports spirit are the best guarantee that the Dresse and Maere Tennis Cup 2011 will be organised at the highest level.
It is our firm belief that friendship and co-operation through sports has enabled a more peaceful and prosperous co-existence between nations and we think this will be reflected with different deaf cultures coming together through sports events like these to strengthen the ties of the deaf community around the world regardless of where they come from.
On behalf of the Turkish Deaf Sport Federation, we take great pride in submitting our bid for the organisation of the Dresse and Maere Tennis Cup 2011.

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